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ManCave gift cards can only be used at ManCave stores and not online. See list of store locations here. 

Yes, you can use your gift card more than once. You will be issued with a new receipt with your new balance and expiry date.

Your ManCave gift card will expire 3 years after being issued - date can be fond under card details on your receipt. If you only use a partial amount of the gift card balance, you will be re-issued with a new receipt and a new expiry date.

The balance of your gift card can be found under the card details section or alternatively you can go into one of our ManCave stores and ask one of our associates to check the balance of your gift card.

If you have lost your gift card - that's tough luck!

Only kidding, simply come into one of our ManCave stores with a proof of ID and we can re-issue you a new receipt for your gift card within 10 minutes.

ManCave Gift Cards can not be redeemed for cash.

When you are purchasing a ManCave Gift card, you can not purchase the gift card with any promotion or deal that may be happening at the time or in the past.

Sadly not - you can only use one ManCave Gift card per purchase.

Yes, you can use ManCave Gift Cards on promotion and sale items.

If you are having any issues with your ManCave Gift Card, you can go to one of our ManCave stores and speak to our friendly store associates. Alternatively, you can contact our help desk team at our head office here

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