Why tradies need safety glasses in Australia?

Why tradies need safety glasses in Australia?

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As tradies, we need to think more about safety than most professions. With all the dangerous tools on-site, heavy & sharp materials everywhere, and apprentices not knowing what the hell is happening half the time - being double safe and protected is a must. The same should go for your safety glasses, so we have broken down a great collection of safety glasses called the Unit Men's Safety Glasses.

Keeping it simple from the start, UV protection. That UV from the Aussie sun is a killer, and since it's 2022, you know why you need those glasses to keep you protected. Unit Men's Safety Glasses use Pro Last Anti-fog lens made from 2mm of Polycarbonate to give you UV 400 protection or to keep it simple; UV400 is the highest protection there is.


While on-site, you will drop and bump into many things; it's the life of a tradie, especially as the day wines down. Unit's Safety Glasses is medium impact certified (AS/NZS 1337.1.2010). Allowing you to be safe from most flying objects and not have to worry about buying a brand new pair every 3 or so months.

Finally, comfort, you work 8 to 10 hours on-site in the scorching heat, and the last thing you want is a pair of uncomfortable glasses. Unit spent the last 3 years not just making sure their safety glasses protect you but are also equally as comfortable. They have used Hi-Tech Polycarbonate for the frame to keep it lightweight and soft-touch rubber nose pads & temples for elite comfort and to integrate a non-slip feature. Unit Men's Safety Glasses are moulded with a duel core (one solid material) to ensure comfort and reliability on-site.

At ManCave, we only want you to have a blurry version after a few too many, but in the comfort of your own home, not while working. That's why we offer Unit's Men's Safety Glasses because safety is from head to toe, and we supply it all; and as always, stay safe and look sharp.

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