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Jet-Lite™ Workwear

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Looking for workwear that can withstand the toughest job sites and keep you comfortable all day long? Look no further than Jet-Lite™, a cutting-edge fabric developed by Jetpilot.

One of the most impressive features of Jet-Lite™ is its superior oil and liquid-repellent properties. This makes it an excellent choice for those working in industries that deal with liquids, such as oil, chemicals, and wet concrete. The fabric is also chemical resistant, making it durable and long-lasting.

In addition to its liquid-repellent properties, Jet-Lite™ is also incredibly strong. In fact, it has been strength-tested as 200% stronger and 50% lighter than cotton. This means that our workwear shorts and pants made with Jet-Lite™ can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and last longer than other fabrics.

Jet-Lite™ in Action

Another unique feature of Jet-Lite™ is its thermo-regulating properties. The smart material responds to humidity and regulates body temperature in both warm and cool conditions, ensuring that you stay comfortable and dry no matter what the weather is like.

Our most popular style, the Jet-Lite™ Hybrid Walkshort (JPW76), is a perfect example of the versatility and durability of Jet-Lite™. It is made with a Jet-Lite™/Cotton blend for ultimate comfort and features, making it the ideal choice for both work and play. Unlike cotton canvas, Jet-Lite™ has 100% memory, which means that it does not stretch out after a full day of wear and retains its original shape. This eliminates the need to constantly adjust your shorts, ensuring a perfect fit throughout the whole day.

Jet-Lite™ is a game-changer in the world of workwear fabrics. Its superior oil and liquid-repellent properties, strength, thermo-regulating properties, and memory make it the perfect choice for those who require comfort, durability, and functionality in their workwear. Visit our online store today to check out our range of Jetpilot Workwear shorts and pants made with Jet-Lite™!

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