In The Beginning

Episode 1
Store front for Man Cave Workwear in fashion spree shopping centre

My Name is Stephen Doyle and I am the founder and Managing Director of Man Cave Workwear.  I have been working in the retail workwear industry for thirteen years. My previous life was within Law enforcement. I thought it essential to start a blog that our many followers and customers can use as a reliable source of information to help them gain more knowledge and insight into the evolving and expanding area of performance workwear and streetwear.

The Man Cave journey was an evolutionary one, moving from lifestyle and streetwear stores in the late 2000s to really transforming into a one-stop mainstream fashionable performance workwear store you see today. Currently operating six sites over three states on the Eastern Seaboard of Australia, we have provided the best brands and premium workwear to all walks of life.

In the early 2010’s we could see a clear need and want for better, more functional and stylish workwear. Our customers wanted to look good and feel good, therefore working closely with some of our key brands we started to stock and supply an ever-increasing range. Within one year we knew we were on to something and the expansion of Man Cave began. 

We opened our first location in a 60m2 store in Bundoora, a suburb north of Melbourne. Today this store is still key to the Man Cave Brand although it’s now over twice the size and continues to build a great customer base. What we identified in the early days was that our customers really appreciated and relied on our in-depth knowledge of the product and there was a need to not just get the fit right in the product but also match the product type to the industry and purpose.

Within three years Man Cave expanded to seven stores, testing different markets in different geographical locations. We have a real interest in expanding our stores further around Australia, particularly due to many of our customers who are travelling through and give us amazing feedback: ”No one does what you do where I live”. 

In the next few blogs, I will discuss our emergence online to supply all our customers Nationally and even Internationally. I will be looking at our top selling products and what technology is being developed in workwear to make them even more comfortable and durable for the consumer.

Until Next Time stay safe and look sharp. 

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