From Garage to Global Powerhouse: The Rise of UNIT

From Garage to Global Powerhouse: The Rise of UNIT

Episode 11

UNIT is a one-of-a-kind label that has its roots in two-wheel action sports. Born in 2002 in a garage in Gold Coast, Australia with just $600, this brand has since taken the world by storm. Today, UNIT has a massive following across the globe, from Australia to New Zealand, the USA, South America, and Europe.

The UNIT logo was inspired by the moment of ‘ignition’, the UNIT logo captures the explosive chemical reaction between the spark plug and liquid gasoline or put it another way – The connection between your dream and your life.

The brand is renowned and supported by athletes, including some of the best BMX, FMX, and MTB riders in the world, such as Kyle Baldock, Andreu Lacondeguy, and Tom Pages. It's no wonder experts in the industry have referred to UNIT as the next big Aussie cult brand.

Not just for weekends, UNIT has a workwear range that's a product of years of development and testing. This range features premium materials, ultra-tough construction, and a clean and simple aesthetic that's perfect for any workspace. The functional designs and tried and tested fit, combined with UNIT's quality, make for the ultimate work-life balance.

One of the key features of UNIT's workwear is its functional designs. This range is built to last and to make your workday easier. From reinforced seams to sturdy zippers, UNIT has thought of everything to ensure that your workwear can handle the demands of your job. Additionally, the workwear range has been tried and tested for fit and comfort, so you can be confident that you'll feel as good as you look while you're on the job.

Mancave Workwear is proud to have Unit Clothing for the modern day tradesperson and active individuals. They offer a range of high-quality, durable, and stylish products perfect for those who demand the best from their clothing and accessories. The combination of performance and fashion makes Unit Clothing a perfect fit for Mancave's lineup of trusted quality brands.

To wrap it up, UNIT's workwear range is a must-have for anyone who wants to look good while working hard. With its blend of functionality and style, you'll be able to take on the toughest tasks with confidence and ease. So why wait? Upgrade your workwear with UNIT today!

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